What is NATO?

nato-nahled1.jpg(brochure 17x24 cm, 48 pages+ cover, saddle stitch binding)


The Kartis Printer has produced number of prestigious publications, among which is one for the Brussels NATO Public Diplomacy Division. Quality coated paper enhanced the photograps of various sources and enviroments and airy graphic contributed to the overall clarity of the topic and the basic mission - to protect the freedom and security of all alliance members.



Karvina legends, Stanislav Filip


(book, unusual square format, 104 pages, bookbinding)

In 2014 Kartis printed one of the books that are, without exaggeration, work of art, thanks to the graphic design of sculptor Eva Kučerová and quality reproductions of art school students. Legends are brought to young readers throught the eyes of children that have already explored hidden unscathed mystery.



National Moravian Silesian Theatre, Yearbook 2013/2014


(publication A4, 216 pages, PUR binding)

Extremely impressive publication, as well as performance captured in it. In particular, Printer Kartis preserved the fine art of typical photographs of the theater, which is dominated by the play of light and shadow. Even the amount of black ink is equal to the color documenting the pervasive drama, dynamics, communication and diversity of the theater world.